Online photo collection of comic and silly images, also known as gag smiles, is the website that generates smiles every day. It’s a meticulous work of human selection and categorization to bring only genuine feeling of cheerfulness, chuckle or mockery. You can expect a bunch of image material, not just laughing at someone else’s expense or chuckles for walks out the door. We try to give the best quality and kind of amusement.

The number one thing people are craving for is something new – be able to get free from monotonous life streams like TV serials, sports matches, newspaper articles, chats etc it bores us down slowly little by little until we find there is nothing left but emptiness. A hilarity flow is a cure to this so make your life happier with our blog.

Gag Smile is a well-established, reliable and popular daily source of laugh! Gag Smile inspires you to laugh with its endless supply of best memes, funny jokes, picdumps and bizarre news selection.
Gag Smile simply feeds the needs of informative requirement for laughter! All in one go!

We’re a dedicated team of 3 people working hard for your daily laughs.

We’ve been around for 6 years now, with 60% of our audience coming from the United States. It all started one day during my lunch break when I wanted to waste some time so I found a few funny pictures that made me laugh and decided to start blogging them on Tumblr.
Since then we’ve grown into a place where you can get authentic laughing material every day! And by authentic it means: edgy, rude and absurd content is allowed on the site.